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How to choose a kids martial arts class?

How to choose a kids martial arts class?…

I felt it necessary to put together a simple guide to help you choose a suitable martial arts school for your son or daughter.

Now, it may seem biased coming from me as surely I want you to join my academy? Well we only have limited spaces available here and most of our classes are already full so the intention behind this article is not to generate new members, it’s meant as a safety guide or checklist.

Fact of the matter is, I never see other clubs as competition – there is no shortage of parents wanting their children to learn martial arts. There are also some great clubs out there, but unfortunately some not so good.

The following will help you decide what you want from a club and then how to choose one.


Write down the reasons you want your son or daughter to learn martial arts. Some of the common reasons are; Self defence, building confidence, learning respect and discipline, fitness and anti-bullying. It could be you have several reasons which is great. But be clear on your reasons so that you can make sure your objectives are being met.


Ask to speak to the head coach of the club and find out what he or she is like. They are going to be a role model to your child. If their attitude stinks, or they have an over inflated ego, that’s exactly what your kids are going to be subjected to.

Tell them the reasons you want your son or daughter to do martial arts and gauge their response. The conversation should be about the best intentions for your son or daughter, not about the instructor bragging about themself. Listen to your intuition.


Don’t be afraid to ask what they teach in their syllabus or ask what the learning outcomes are.


See if you can get a free try-out class and ask if you can watch. If you can’t watch it isn’t always a bad thing, some clubs have strict child protection policies that do not allow adults inside the training area.


Encourage your child to take part but never force them. Forcing them into it is likely to cause on-going issues. A good coach will be able to help you encourage your son or daughter.


Do your research. Check out club reviews and ratings online, or ask somebody you trust for recommendations.


After your son or daughters first class, they should leave feeling upbeat and optimistic and having learnt at least one thing that they can remember. Ask your son or daughter what it was they learnt to make sure that the lesson was clear and easy to understand.

I hope this helps you to choose a kids martial arts class. Feel free to comment with any questions.


  1. Jimmy on February 20, 2018 at 9:49 am

    Very good advice mate. What do you think about karate and traditional martial arts for children?

  2. Andy on February 20, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    Hi Jimmy. Generally, the traditional arts tend to take a long time to learn but can be good for discipline. It totally depends on the club and their syllabus though.

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